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    (3) Governmental agencies such as the CIA have been very involved in creating and engineering the SOCIAL NARRATIVES and MOVEMENTS surrounding these phenomena, and have contextualized it in a certain way.Grof, Leary, Ram Dass and such guys are pretty much the guru’s of psychedelics and have approached the matter in a corrupt or coporerutnductive way.Just check Grof’s account of his own LSD experiences: PATHETIC experiences … Bihar >> >>
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    dies,:LiseEscrsveste exatamente o que passou pela minha cabeça ao ver essa novela.De fato, não esperamos muito da globo, mas cada vez mais percebemos que a emissora nos trata como idiotas. É tamanha imbecilidade, que chega quase a ser frustante comentar essa novela.Brilhante texto, parabéns! Andhra Pradesh >> >>
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